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    I so understand that dilemma, Katrina! I try to do the minimum in the summer (June - August in my neck of the woods). We spend more time outside so I don't think about cleaning as much. That's why I need the HGP in September! :oops:
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    FEBRUARY 2018

    What I have done so far and what is planned for this month ...

    For some reason ... I jumped around from area to area ... but oh well, something is getting done! LOL

    The first two weeks of Jumpstart January will be Christmas Recovery....

    January 1-15

    [X] De-decorate living room
    [X] De-decorate tree
    [X] De-decorate the kitchen and the dining room
    [X] De-decorate outside
    [X] Sort through gift closet
    [X] Clean out Christmas notebook, print updated pages
    [X] Clean out refrigerator.....get rid of any lingering leftovers.
    [X] Put away holiday DVDs, music, books etc. on Christmas Shelf in living room
    [X] Organize gift wrapping box/storage spot...put in new rolls of paper, tissue, ribbons, tags, and bags, etc

    Computer Desk Area/ Craft/ School Room

    [] Go through desk drawers
    [X] Dust and organize the pile of paper crap by the computer
    [] Air blow out inside of computer ... hubby helps
    [] Go through filing cabinet, organize the home school files
    [X] Go through shelves above the computer, organize, give away (contains books, Christmas bags, boxes of stuff)
    [X] Go through book cases, organize, give away
    [X] Organize under large craft table
    [X] Organize, closet, give away unused items (contains craft stuff and stuff-stuff)
    [X] Dust everything else
    [] Go over bulletin boards and take off old news
    [X] Vacuum

    Front Porch
    [X] Clean the light fixture.
    [X] Sweep the porch.
    [X] Sweep down the walls and get rid of cobwebs.
    [X] Wash the windows
    [X] Trim hedges
    [] Front Door oiled
    [] New door wreath/decoration

    Kitchen Surfaces/ Kitchen Inside Cabinets & Such
    [] Wash down all fronts of cabinets
    [] Wash down frig, stove, micro, dishwasher
    [] Wash down all counter tops
    [] Organize Cabinets Under: Sink, By Stove, By phone
    [] Organize Cabinets Upper: Sink, By Stove, By phone, Above frig
    [X] Clean out frig and wipe down
    [] Wipe out stove
    [X] Clean inside dishwasher w/vinegar rinse
    [] Wipe out microwave w/vinegar
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    I was following a cleaning/decluttering plan from a blog that I follow. It is just too hot here at the moment, still hovering around 100 degrees daily. I am going to wait for a few more weeks and start the first week of March. March 1st is the beginning of Autumn for us so should be cooler.
    Have altered my planner to show the new plans.
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    I'm just keeping up with basics right now. Since there's been more activity here that I expected and things are getting done at a slower pace.
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