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Discussion in 'Celebrate Me' started by sweetpumkinpye, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. teachermomof2

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    Good job Nancy! That's awesome!
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  2. HouseElf

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    I have had another year of weight gains with dieting! The dietitian thought my 'regular diet' (high in vegetables, pescetarian based with a typical increase in protein and sugars during the holidays) was excellent and I 'should' be doing well.
    I have made an appointment with a naturopath doctor as I am so fed up! Hoping they can provide some insight to my ever expanding form.

    I have tried Paleo/AIP Paleo, Keto, Vegan, rotation/elimination diets, Joe Cross/juicing diet and fasting/IF - I will lose a few pounds after a couple weeks - then balloon back (gave each diet 6 months, except the juicing diet - did for 30 days).

    Exercise I am limited due to MVA injuries, but I can walk, and do walk often - completing 5k on work days with 10k a weekend walk. I do yoga and Tai Chi this fall startup.
    I know it's not 'intensive' exercise but you'd think if weight loss was as simple as calories in and calories burned ...
  3. tanya

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    Get your Thyroid checked. I know at least 4 ladies who had similar issues. The did have thyroids checked but not all Dr's order a full testing- lots here just do partial which can apparently come back normal. Once they got the full testing done and onto the right meds... weight fell off them. The below article explains.


    I know it says weight loss tips but it describes the actual testing needed.
  4. missjane

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    Tam, I was going to suggest the same thing as Tanya.

    I'm still doing Weight Watchers. I've lost 16.6 pounds since the first Thursday in June. Hopefully, I can continue to stick with it.
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  5. HouseElf

    HouseElf Well-Known Member

    Thanks Tanya and Jane! Yes, I've had the 'basic' workup for thyroid, always appears 'within normal' - but not as detailed as the list suggests. Will ask for a more complete blood work.
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  6. Christmaslvr

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    That's awesome Jane!! Keep up the great work!
  7. Christmaslvr

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    I hope you get the answers you need! It has to be so frustrating!
  8. Holiday_Mom

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    We have a family history of diabetes so I'm trying to watch my carb intake and maintain a healthy weight. This past Christmas, the holiday eating pushed me over with the weight increase.

    Some things that are helping me are:
    • I try not to eat after 7 pm.
    • If I do get a sweet craving, I find a piece of gum, Tic Tac (mini piece of candy) or a chocolate chip (not cookie but an actual chip) helps with the sugar craving.
    • In the winter, I keep 2 L of water on the counter. It serves as a visual reminder to drink water. Since it is room temperature, it makes it easier to drink on a cold day.
    • In the summer, I like to put fruit slices in my water. I also drink flavored seltzer water as a "treat" to myself. It has the carbonation of a soda but without the sugars.
    • Because I have to watch my carb intake, I go for whole fat or low fat dairy. I have to balance out the carbs with a protein and that helps.
    • Portion control is key. Sometimes I drink a full glass of water before a meal and then try to stick to one serving of carbs, vegetables and protein.
    • I give myself an incentive for exercising. For example, after I'm done exercising I can check emails or I can read my book or something along those lines.
    I'm going to "third" the motion to get your thyroid checked out. My s-i-l gained 20 lbs. in 2yrs. She runs a half marathon and several 5Ks a year. She thought it was part of the aging process. She had gone into the doctor for one thing but while there, the doctor noticed how swollen her neck was and suspected it was her thyroid. Testing was done. One of the things she was diagnosed with is called Hashimoto's disease. She is on medication now and she has cut out gluten. She's noticed a huge difference in her energy level. If she has gluten, as in a slice of pizza, she crashes and just wants to sleep.
  9. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    thanks Holiday_Mom. There are some great hints there. I like the idea of putting the eater on the bench. My kitchen is central in my house. If I have the water out it may be a visuall cue for me to drink. Will try it.
  10. Lolwlias

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    I fell off the Weight Watchers wagon & am hoping to climb back on.
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  11. Christmaslvr

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    You can do it!!
  12. MinnieCo

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    My outdoor swimming is coming to an end. It's my 2nd summer and after it's over I never make it to the indoor pool for class. I'm bound to make that happen when I'm not working!
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