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    Wow - what stores are making you spend that much to get a free turkey? I think we are spoiled here! Local chain runs a deal where you spend $20 you get a free turkey - a smaller one - but free!

    Meijer usually discounters the price of turkey per lb by 50% I think if you spend $20-$25 in groceries - maybe $40? I don't remember!

    I'm on the hunt for turkeys for cheap! Co worker and I are organizing holiday giving again this year and there is a group of families (30!) that usually get Thanksgiving dinner via a church and for whatever reason that is not happening this year - so we're trying to figure out if we can get enough people at our work to donate the food.

    30 turkeys is a lot! But they said they would take whatever we could give - doesn't have to be the whole shebang.
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    You're very lucky! Martin & Giant offer this promotion. Last year the store didn't do this promotion and the turkey was on sale for .99 lb.

    Our church does this too. The biggest problem is storing the frozen turkey donations until the Sunday before Thanksgiving when the food is delivered to the families since not everyone has the freezer space to store an extra turkey.
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    I have been wondering about frozen turkey storage too! I think I can squeeze 2 in among my various freezers but that would be it! I'd have to buy any others right before I dropped them off!
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    For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving next week, don't forget to take out your frozen turkey to thaw in the next few days. :)

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