Black Friday 2020

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Sep 12, 2009
I really really like to see/touch/feel.

I've been burned a few times with buying clothes online at Old Navy without seeing them in the store. Once the clothes arrived, I realized they were so thin that you could see right through them. I had to return them to the store to save on shipping and standing in line at the USPS. Now I shop the store first. If I like something, and it isn't available in my size or color that I want, I will purchase it online. My dc do the same as me at all of the stores now.

Anyone find anything interesting?

I've had some items from my dc's lists that I put into the Amazon shopping list. i really didn't expect them to be a Prime Day deal. A couple of items were on sale yesterday so I purchased them then.


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Nov 4, 2007
This is so absolutely me, too. I'm a quality over quantity person. I'll pay more for something well made and durable than less for something that is flimsy and will not last on everything from clothing to appliances, furnishings, etc. My mother always said that I would rather have one garment that's well made and good quality than a closet full of poorly made clothing. My middle sister is the opposite. She wants anything and lots of it! lol

Exactly! Quality over quantity! Our entire family has now gone this way. It also takes up less space! :)