Christmas Survey 2020

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Sep 12, 2009
I will give this to the boys some stage this week and see what their responses are. Still early enough to change plans if needed.

Yes, and it helps to adjust to the change now versus a week or two beforehand. It helped me with resenting all the work for something that no one was interested in doing.
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Miss JoDee

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Apr 22, 2011
Gurnee, IL
I've attached it - I just took everything I could possibly think of regarding our holidays and asked for input. Let me know if anything needs clarification.
I just read your survey questions. Very thorough. If you do all that preparation before they get home you must be exhausted. I personally would say I want it all. I have been trying to get DH to expand his horizons and it is tough. The darkness comes and he doesn't want to go anywhere. I wonder if I can find daytime activities? We could go to museums, Chicago window shopping, during the day. Thanks Pamela I have something to think on. I just may have to push a little harder. Lol.